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4-axis CNC-2* (23-08-10TTM) aluminum profile machining center

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Our company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of mechanical engraving machines and CNC machining centers. Through years of unremitting efforts, strict and standardized corporate management, and continuous innovation and improvement of products, the company has strong product research and development capabilities. Known for its high-quality and diverse products. It has successively obtained the certification of quality and reputation demonstration unit granted by the China Light Product Quality Assurance Center, the self-operating import and export right licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and the CE international safety system certification certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Adhering to the development concept of "making high-quality products, creating a world brand", in line with the business tenet of creating maximum value for users, we observe the market from the perspective of customers and take technical strength as the guarantee. Do everything for the benefit of users and make the most practical equipment for users.

Believe that we can be the best partner!

Pay 30% after receipt, and 10% of the balance will be paid within 12 months after inspection.

technical parameter

The contour size of the machine tool: length x width x height 8500x2400x4300mm
Operation and control system New generation 21MA (with feed handwheel) x2 sets
Workbench area: X*Y 2x2000*880mm
Height of working table 650mm
Workbench levelness (X direction, Y direction)  <0.1/1000MM
Flatness of work surface  <0.1/1000MM
X/Y/Z axis perpendicularity <0.1/1000MM
Working stroke X/Y/Z/A 2x(2300/1000/1000(mm)/ ±110.), the worktable plane is the zero point of Z axis
Rapid traverse speed X/Y/Z/A 90/40/40(m/min)/ 180. /s
transfer method X-axis helical rack, Y, Z-axis screw, A-axis adopts RV reducer + synchronous toothed belt, which can drive the main shaft to swing 110° left and right.
Lead screw Y axis TBI4040, Z axis TBI3210, P5 level grinding
Screw bearing Japan NSK P4 level
rack German Henglian grinding modulus 3, P4 level
Reducer X axis: Taiwan Uke’s model: AH140, backlash <1 arcmin, flange output A axis: Japan Harmonic, SHG-40-80, backlash <0.5 arcmin
Guide rail, slider X/Y/Z axis German Rexroth roller 35
Servo drive module (Yaskawa) X, Y, Z, A axis Yaskawa bus control
Servo motor (Yaskawa) Equipped with absolute encoder servo motor, 2*X axis: need to match the reducer, 2*2.8KW 2*Y axis: 1.8KW 2*Z axis: 1.8KW (with brake function) 2*A axis: Need to match the reducer, 0.75KW
Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y/Z/A ±0.05mm
Spindle power 2*9kw, HSK-E40, water cooling, OLMAT, imported from Italy
Spindle speed 0-40000rpm
Spindle verticality 0°, 90° both <0.05/200mm
Spindle weight 16Kg
Spindle frequency converter Delta, MODEL: VFD110B43A, 15HP
Knife hydraulic station  2 sets
Spindle lubrication station 2 sets
Knife handle HSK-E40
Feeding height (tool length + workpiece height + fixture height) 800mm
Tool length 130-140mm
Engraving instructions G code, eng, uoo, NC, Tap 
Support programming software Must provide four-axis post-processing software to support MasterCAM X5-X11, provide TANDEM processing interface and tool life management.
Tool library 2 sets of tool magazines, following the Y-axis inline tool magazine (6 tools/set), each tool position is equipped with a sensor to detect whether there is a tool holder, and the outside of the tool magazine is equipped with a sheet metal dust cover.
Tool change time ≤12 seconds/time
Tool setting method N/A
Way of working AC servo, continuous work
Machine weight About 10T
Power AC380V/50Hz 30kw
Machine color Milky white + sky blue
Spindle cooling 2*Industrial chiller, flow rate 30m³/min, pressure 3bar, refrigeration 1500W
Tool cooling 2*oil mist generator (each with 2 injectors), 2*20L fuel tank
Centralized lubrication device Automatic grease lubrication system
Oil mist collector 2*Flow 1800m³/h
Air pressure adjustment SMC pneumatic triplet
Tracheal plug 3 8mm tracheal quick plugs
Chip conveyor Chain plate type (left out of chip removal port)
PLC communication 6-pin Hardinge aviation socket 2, dust-proof seal
Air pressure alarm switch (alarm when air pressure <6bar) 2 pcs
X/Y/Z to drag chain The drag chain uses fully enclosed flexible materials
Electric control cabinet Rittal with air conditioning

Performance characteristics

1. The machine is seamlessly welded by high-quality steel pipes. The main body is a single-beam bridge structure to ensure its high stability. The machine body is subjected to stress-relieving annealing heat treatment, and then precision processed. The machine is firm, durable, and does not deform.

2. Yaskawa servo motor and drive (absolute encoder, bus control), with large torque, high precision, fast speed and stable performance.

3. Adopt Taiwan's new generation control system (2 sets of 21MA), good compatibility, compatible with various CAD/CAM, design and production software such as MasterCAM/UG; it can control the completion of multi-level 4-axis linkage processing, which can perform fast and smooth Three-dimensional processing, engraving or cutting; electric control cabinet is equipped with air conditioning cooling system.

4. Two sets of independent monitors and keyboards are arranged near the two safety doors for easy operation.

5. The transmission parts of the whole machine are automatically centralized for lubricating grease system to extend the service life of each part.

6. The X axis adopts German high-precision rack and pinion transmission, the Y/Z axis adopts grinding grade ball screw, and the A axis adopts a zero-backlash harmonic reducer.

7. The X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis adopt Japanese linear guides, double-row and four-row ball sliders, with large bearing capacity, stable operation, and fully guarantee the machining accuracy and wear resistance.

8. It adopts 2 OMLAT automatic tool-changing high-speed electric spindles (7kw, 40000rpm, HSK-E40, water cooling) and 2 Delta frequency converters, 2 tooling hydraulic stations, 2 spindle lubrication stations, and 2 spindle water coolers.

9. The machine is equipped with two processing warehouses on the left and right, and each processing warehouse is equipped with a set of X/Y/Z/A axis, spindle and tool magazine (4 tool positions).

10. Custom-made steel spacer beam work surface, fixture positioning pin hole Φ22 and bolt hole M12 on the work surface are made according to the pattern provided by Baowei, to meet Baowei's fixture positioning and fixing requirements, and the worktable is fixed.

11. Standard configuration American industrial aviation plug connection, soft metal cable sheath. Avoid cable damage caused by pressure and collision.

12. Equipped with 2 sets of aluminum alloy processing automatic fuel spray system, and each spindle needs to be equipped with 2 fuel spray nozzles.

13. Two oil mist collectors are installed on the top of the machine tool, and one oil mist collector is installed on the top of each processing warehouse.

14. Reserve one fixture air source plug per warehouse, one purge plug (three in total), and one PLC communication Hardinge 6-pin aviation socket per warehouse (two in total).

15. Safety protection: The safety guard is assembled with the bed. The operating surface adopts the left and right open bulletproof glass and metal frame automatic safety door. The safety door has the function of preventing hands from being clamped. The non-operating surface is made of sheet metal + noise insulation composite material. Fully enclosed sheet metal partitions are installed between the two processing warehouses.

16. The bottom of the machine is equipped with a chain plate chip conveyor. The chip conveyor removes chips from the left side of the machine. The height of the chip discharge port from the ground is 1 meter.

17. Emergency stop button, Start button, Reset button and Ready indicator light are installed on the machine operating side.

18. The pneumatic components of the machine tool must be SMC or FESTO.

19. The chiller, centralized lubricating oil tank, and cutting oil tank are equipped with low liquid level alarm and over temperature alarm and trigger CNC emergency stop.

20. Provide equipment maintenance instructions, electrical wiring diagrams, main parts list, machine tool accuracy measurement reports, etc. +

Double warehouse, double spindle, 4-axis CNC special function command

Double warehouse machine program instructions

The program cannot run when the machine tool is not closed --- the commands in the program, M82 (left door open), M83 (left door close), M84 (right door open), M85 (right door close), if the machine executes the command, the action If abnormal, it will alarm and stop.

The fixture is not clamped, and the machine tool does not process---commands in the program, M51 (left bin clamp clamp confirmation), M52 (right bin clamp clamp confirmation), if the machine executes the command, it will alarm and stop if the action is abnormal.

Operation button

1. There is a start button for each of the left and right bins, which can independently start the left and right bin processing programs.

2. There is a door switch button for the left and right compartments, which can independently control the safety doors of the left and right compartments.

3. There is an emergency stop button in the left and right warehouses, which can control emergency stop nearby.

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