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M1515-TTM aluminum profile plane

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Performance characteristics:

1. The machine tool is seamlessly welded by high-quality steel pipes to ensure its high stability. The whole machine is precision processed and vibration aging treatment, the machine is firm, has a long service life, and does not deform.

2. Automatic spray system for copper and aluminum processing (with 2 injectors).

3 Yaskawa servo motor and drive, with large torque, high precision, fast speed and stable performance.

4. Adopting Taiwan's new generation control system, good compatibility, compatible with various CAD/CAM, design and production software such as MasterCAM/UG. It can control the completion of multi-level 3D linkage processing, and can perform fast and smooth three-dimensional processing, engraving and cutting.

5. The overall thickened square tube structure bed body is scientifically welded to remove stress.

6. The automatic centralized oil supply system for the transmission components of the whole machine extends the service life of each component.

7. The Y-axis adopts German high-precision rack and pinion transmission, and the X/Z-axis adopts grinding grade ball screw, which has high precision and precise cutting.

8. The X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis adopt Japanese linear guides, double-row and four-row ball sliders, with large bearing capacity and stable operation, which fully guarantees machining accuracy and wear resistance.

9. Hitech high-speed electric spindle (9kw, 36000rpm, HSK-40E, water cooling) and Delta inverter, machine tool manufacturers provide supporting spindle cooling system.

10. The machine has two processing warehouses on the left and right.

12. Standard configuration American industrial aviation plug connection, soft metal cable sheath. Avoid cable damage caused by pressure and collision.

technical parameter:

The contour size of the machine tool: length x width x height 3500x3300x3500mm
Operation and control system New generation 21A (with feed handwheel)
Workbench area: X*Y 2x700*1480mm
Height of working table 700mm
Working stroke X/Y/Z 1400/1400/600mm
Running speed X/Y/Z 40/40/20m/min
transfer method Y-axis helical rack, X, Z-axis screw
Lead screw Original (Taiwan) 4040 P5 grade grinding
Screw bearing Japan NSK P4 level
rack German Henglian grinding P4 level
Reducer Shinpo
Guide rail, slider Y axis THK30, X, Z axis THK20 (Japanese original)
Drive System X, Y, Z axis Japan Yaskawa bus servo motor Z axis comes with brake function
driver Z axis 1.3KW, X axis 0.85KW, Y axis 2x0.85KW, with reducer)
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Spindle power 9KW, QD-28/12 40E HITECO (HITECO) imported from Italy
Spindle speed 0-36000rpm
Spindle weight 16Kg
Spindle frequency converter Delta
Knife handle HSK-40E
Feeding height (tool length + workpiece height + fixture height) 600mm
Tool length 130-140mm
Engraving instructions G code, eng, uoo, NC, Tap 
Support programming software Provide post-processing software to support MasterCAM X5-X8,
Tool library In-line tool magazine with 3 tool holders in a single warehouse. The cylinder automatically expands and contracts.
Working warehouse Bulletproof glass is used as a fixed partition between the double warehouses, and the height is 200mm from the tool magazine to the worktable.
Steel work surface 8 steel fine grinding, hole positions are designed according to Baowei drawings
Outside The working warehouse door is designed to open left and right, the opening of each door is guaranteed to be 700mm, and a safety distance of 50mm is reserved, so that the technicians can have zero-distance contact with the fixture.
Y to drag chain Y-direction drag chain uses fully enclosed flexible material (this is a change of design)
Tool change time ≤4 seconds/time
Tool setting method Automatic tool setting block
Way of working AC servo, continuous work
Machine weight About 2.2T
Power AC380V/50Hz 20KW
Machine color Milky white + sky blue
Spindle cooling Industrial oil cooler, flow rate 30m³/min, pressure 3bar
Tool cooling Automatic fuel spray (1 fuel nozzle)
Central lubrication device Automatic oiling system
Oil mist collector Flow 1800m³/h, explosion-proof motor
Air pressure adjustment SMC pneumatic triplet
Tracheal plug 3 8mm tracheal quick plugs
Chip conveyor Chain plate type, rear chip removal, chip removal hole height 1000MM
Chip removal baffle 3MM bulletproof glass with guide groove
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