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3-axis CNC ML5513-03

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Performance characteristics:

1. It is suitable for the processing of complex parts such as various aluminum, copper, PVC, and industrial profiles. It can realize multi-process machining such as milling, drilling, and so on automatically in one clamping of the workpiece.

2. Yaskawa servo motor and drive feature large torque, high precision, fast speed and stable performance.

3. Imported servo motor, ball screw, grinding large lead, linear guide pair and bearing mechanism make the equipment have higher processing accuracy. High stability and reliability. The feed movement is pre-stretched to ensure the stability of the machining accuracy.

4. Rhenium G-SPEED system (five-axis linkage), this numerical control system integrates LCD and control unit, which not only saves space greatly, but also optimizes operability and ease of installation. Conducive to more perfect realization of the CNC system's user interface, graphic display, dynamic simulation and other functions.

5. This machine adopts imported five-axis milling head, which can complete any angle processing on all surfaces except the bottom surface. Optional hat type servo 8-position tool magazine. The pneumatic clamping workbench is adopted to increase the loading and unloading speed. Optional T-shaped workbench.

6. The machine tool is seamlessly welded by high-quality steel pipes, which makes it highly stable. The whole machine is precision processed and vibration aging treatment. The machine is firm, has a long service life and does not deform.

7. The overall thickened square tube structure bed body is scientifically welded to remove stress.

8. The automatic centralized oil supply system for the transmission parts of the whole machine extends the service life of each part.

9. Y/Z axis adopts grinding grade ball screw, with high precision and precise cutting. The three-axis adopts heavy-duty high-precision roller linear guides from Lixerox Germany, which has large bearing capacity and stable operation, which fully guarantees the machining accuracy and wear resistance.

10. Five-axis head (double pendulum head), programmed to control the rotation of the double pendulum head, so as to realize 3D processing at any angle. Suitable for the production of various complex parts.

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三轴加工中心 3-axis CNC ML2513-03

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